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MediTech 2018 Proceedings


  Clinical engineering assessment

Spectrofluorimetric Characterization of Serum Pentosidine and Retinol Binding Protein in Healthy Rats and Rats with Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes
D.M. Ciobanu, L. Olar, R. Stefan, G. Roman and I. Papuc
Eye Examination for Early Detection of Diabetic Neuropathy-role of Corneal Confocal Microscopy
G.V. Inceu, C.L. Vonica and G Roman
Doppler Ultrasonography, a Rapid Evaluation Method of the Major Risk in the Vascular Pathology
E. Gligor, A.I. Roman, V. Ossian, D. Gligor, M. Beudean and M. Olt

  Medical devices, measurements and instrumentation

A Side-polished Fluorescent Fiber Sensor for the Detection of Blood in the Saliva
P. Farago, A.M. Băbțan, R. Galatus, R. Groza, N.M. Roman, C.N. Feurdean and A. Ilea
Analysis of Postural Imbalance due to Handling Weights  During Physical Activities
D.Cotoros, C. Druga, I.Serban and A.Stanciu
The use of Thermal Imaging Techniques as a Method of Monitoring the New Born
C. Luca, C.Corciovă, D.Andriţoi and R.Ciorap
Smart Wearable SpO2 Monitor for Newborns
M. Datcu, C. Luca and C.Corciovă
Applied Measurements and Instrumentation for Improving Diagnostic Devices and Systems in Metropolitan Polluted Environments with Nitric and Carbon Oxides
L. Andrei, D. Băldean and A. I. Borzan
Three Way Automated Blood-sampling Device Mixer for Blood Gas Analysis
M.S. Niculescu
Techniques for Sorting Components from Dismembered Medical PCBs
R. Holonec, L. Grindei, M. Purcar, R. Copîndean and F. Dragan
Intelligent Medical Distance Assistance Device
R. Fuior, A Gheorghiţă and C. Corciovă
The Use of Thermography as a Prediction Element in the Maintenance of Medical Equipment
D. Andritoi, C. Luca, C. Corciova and R. Ciorap
Method for Body Impedance Measurement
R. Copîndean, R. Holonec, F. Dragan and C. Muresan
Monitoring of Obstructive Sleep Apnea using Virtual Instrumentation Techniques
R. Holonec, S. Vlad, A.I. Roman and L. Rápolti
Application for Detection of Epileptic Seizures
R. Holonec, S. Vlad and L. Rapolti
Exposure to UHF Electromagnetic Radiation in Urban Areas
A. Pastrav, P. Dolea, E. Puschita, C. Codau, T. Palade and I. Palade
Monitoring of Cardio-Vascular Parameters during Rehabilitation after Stroke Events
R. Ciorap, D. Andrițoi, C. Luca and C. Corciovă
Modelling of Piezoelectric MEMS in Biomedical Applications
A. Avram, R. C. Bogdan, A. Bojiță and M. I. Purcar
Comparative Effect of Ethyl Urethane and Cycloheximide in Lepidium Sativum L. Seed Germination and Radicle Growth
O. Viman, K. Balla, L. Holonec, M. Tămaș, D.L. Dumitrașcu, V. Șandor and L. Nedelcu
Numerical Simulation of the Temperature Propagation in Superposed Biological Media, with Applications in Dental Treatment
V. Mureşan, N.M. Roman, T. Colosi, M. Abrudean, O.P. Stan and O. Bunta

  Biomedical signal  and image processing

Identification of Animal Species from their Sounds
P. G. Pop
Evaluating a method of offline detection of P3 waves
D. Ancău, N.M. Roman and M. Ancău
An ECG Morphological Analysis Algorithm for Hybrid Patient Monitoring
A. Raza, P. Farago, M. Cirlugea and S. Hintea
Empirical Mode  Decomposition in ECG Signal Denoising
Z. Germán-Salló, M. Germán-Salló and H.Ș. Grif
Emotion Recognition from Speech Signal in Multilingual Experiments
C. Albu, E. Lupu and R. Arsinte
Automated Collagen Segmentation from Masson’s Trichrome Stained Images – preliminary results
M.S. Șerbănescu, R.V. Teică, M. Tărâță, D. Georgescu, D.O. Alexandru, N.C. Manea, W. Wolf, R.M. Pleșea and I.E. Pleșea
The Role of Convolutional Neural Networks in the Automatic Recognition of The Hepatocellular Carcinoma, based on Ultrasound ImagesD
D. Mitrea, R. Brehar, P. Mitrea, S. Nedevschi, M. Lupşor-Platon and R. Badea
An Augmented Reality Platform for Preoperative Surgical Planning
S. Teodoro Vite, C.F. Domínguez Velasco, S. Muscatello, M.Á. Padilla Castañeda and L.T. De Paolis

  Telemedicine and health care information systems

Multi-Agent Healthcare Information System on Hadoop
G. Dragomir, A. Lacatus, L. Loga and L. Dican
PAC Bayesian Classifier with Finite Mixture Model for Oral Cancer Classification
S.K.Prabhakar and H. Rajaguru
Health Information Exchange for Management of Disaster Victims using FANET
A. Crețu, C. Avram, D. Radu, B. Parrein, A. Aștilean and C. Domuța
Random Forest and Sequential Model for Anomalies Detection in the Activities of the People with Dementia
D. Moldovan, A. Visovan, M. Bologa, C. Pop, V. R. Chifu, I. Anghel, T. Cioara and I. Salomie
Sequence Labeling for Extracting Relevant Pieces of Information from Raw Text Medicine Descriptions
R. R. Slavescu, C. Masca and K. C. Slavescu
Development of Bluetooth Enabled Pediatric Temperature Monitoring Device
C.M. Fort, N.M. Roman and S. Gergely

  Biomechanics, Robotics and Rehabilitation

The Analysis of Bio-signals and Sensors for Robotic Assisted Rehabilitation
N. Pop, C. Vaida, G. Carbone, F. Craciun, K. Major, C. Abrudan, F. Puskas and D. Pisla
Experimental Study Regarding the Performance of a Motor-Imagery Brain-Computer Interface across Different Electrodes Placement
A.Ianoși-Andreeva-Dimitrova and D.S. Mândru
A New Proposal for Solving Equations of Angular Contact Ball Bearing using Evolutionary Techniques
A. Gheorghita, M. Turnea, M. Ilea, M. Rotariu, G. Constantin and D. Arotaritei
Modeling of the Complex Walk Assist Equipment
A. Abrudean and D. Mândru
Voice Controlled Wheelchair for People with Disabilityes
P. Coman-Pavel, N.M. Roman, M. Steopan, V. Ispas, S. Bugnar and M. Ole
Rehabilitation of Orthopedic and Neuropsychological Complications after Hip Arthroplasty
A.M. Culai, P. Mihancea and I. Onac
Robotics in Minimally Invasive Procedures: History, Current Trends and Future Challenges
C. Vaida, N. Al Hajjar, V. Lazar, F. Graur, A. Burz, R. Elisei, E. Mois and D. Pisla

  Health technology assessment

The Influence of Socio-Demographic, Psychological and Medical Variables on Patient Satisfaction with Diabetes Care in the Hospital Setting in Romania
A. Constantinescu-Dobra, A. Sabou and M.C. Coțiu
Is Internet Marketing a Useful Tool for GPs Communicating with Students? A Focus Group Exploratory Study
A. Constantinescu-Dobra and M.C.Coțiu
Utility of 3D Reconstructions for Preoperative Planning in Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)
D. Radeanu, C. Stan and A. Maniu
Quantifiable Risk Factors in Medical Equipment Management Program
C. Corciovă, D. Andriţoi, C. Luca and R. Ciorap
Oncological Outcome after Robotic Surgery for Rectal Cancer
B. Micu, C. Micu, D. Chirila, H. Silaghi , R.A. Iusan, M.S. Muresan, T.R.Pop, C. Ionescu and N. Constantea
Prognostic Implications of Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping in Stage I and II Colorectal Cancer Pacients
B. Micu, C. Micu,  D. Chirila, H. Silaghi, D.R. Miclaus, M.S. Muresan, T.R.Pop, N. Constantea, and C. Ionescu
Metallic Nanoparticles in Otology
A. A. Maniu, M. Perde-Schrepler, E Fischer-Fodor, A. Florea, G.S. Chis and A.I. Roman
New Era for Technology in Healthcare Powered by GDPR and Blockchain
O. Stan and L. Miclea

  Miscellaneous topics

Temperature Effect on Tribo-Mechanical Properties of Dental Materials
C. Birleanu, M. Pustan, V. Merie and M.S. Pop
Magnetic Submicron Systems Loaded with Chemotherapeutic Agent (Paclitaxel) for Breast Cancer Therapy
V. Balan, S. Malihin and L. Verestiuc
Identifying Relevant Research Directions for Graduation Projects in Medical Engineering
D.Cotoros, C. Druga, I.Serban and A.Stanciu
Improvement of the Fluidized Bed Tribocharging Device for Electrostatic Separation of Plastics from Electronic Medical Waste
L. Călin, M. Bilici, and A. Samuilă
Complex Influence of Intense Electric Fields upon Ozone and Free Radicals from Aqueous Solutions
R.E. Suărăşan, S. R. Budu, I. Suărăşan, D. Moldovan and R. Fechete

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