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Telemedicine and health care information systems


Interconnecting heterogeneous non-smart medical devices using a Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) infrastructure
B. Iancu, R. Kovacs, V. Dadarlat and A. Peculea

Algorithm with heuristics for kidney allocation in Transplant Information System
S. Luscalov, L. Loga, D. Luscalov , A. Lăcătuș, G. Dragomir and L. Dican

Exploring hierarchical medical data stored as multi-trees in a relational database
P. Olah, I. Movileanu, N. Suciu, M. Muji, M. Marusteri, D. Simionescu and C. Avram

Development of a complex acquisition and storage system of medical data used in a clinical environment
R. Pop Kun, M. Munteanu, D. Rafiroiu, D. Pop Kun and R. Moga

Elderly Fall Risk Prediction System
O. Stan, L. Miclea and A. Sarb

Particle Swarm Optimization Based Method for Personalized Menu Recommendations
V. Chifu, R. Bonta, E. St. Chifu, I. Salomie and D. Moldovan

Diet Generator for Elders using Cat Swarm Optimization and Wolf Search
D. Moldovan, P. Stefan, C. Vuscan, V. R. Chifu, I. Anghel, T. Cioara and I. Salomie

Telemonitoring systems and technologies for independent life of elderly
S.B. Sebesi, H.L. Groza and D. Mândru

Automatic Learning of Medical Text Annotation Rules – a Case Study on Endoscopies
R.R. Slavescu, M.N.Oltean, A.P. Torok and K.C. Slavescu

Use of machine learning for improvement of similarity searches of patients
B. Petrovan, B.Orza and A. Vlaicu

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