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Preparation, characterization and preliminary evaluation of magnetic nanoparticles based on biotinylated N-palmitoyl chitosan
V. Balan, M. Butnaru and L. Verestiuc

Cellular nanostructures and their investigation. History and perspectives
C. M. Niculițe, Andreea O. Urs, E. Fertig, C. Florescu, M. Gherghiceanu and M. Leabu

Chemical Stability of Vitamin B5
D. Cașcaval, M. Poștaru, L. Kloetzer, A.C. Blaga, and A.I. Galaction

Study upon the mechanical properties of most used dental restoration materials
D. Cotoros, A. Stanciu and M.M. Scutariu

Principles to build a stochastic model for a minimal biological cell with built-in feedback reaction capabilities
D. Stoicovici, A. Cotetiu, M. Banica, M. Ungureanu and I. Craciun

Microarray gene expression analysis using R
I. Petre and C. Buiu

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Paper submission July 10th, 2018 Notification of acceptance August 10th, 2018 Paper final form submission September 4th, 2018


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