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Clinical engineering assessment


Ultrasonographic correlations and challenges in liver hemangiomas
I. Grigorescu, Z. Sparchez, R. Badea, M. Dragoteanu, C.D. Piglesan and D.L. Dumitrascu

Impact of Spectralis Optical Coherence Tomography in the Clinical Practice
S.D. Nicoară

Laparoscopic repair of Morgagni hernia – transfascial suturing with extracorporeal knotting
F. Graur, E. Moiș, N. Al-Momani, and N. Al-Hajjar

Ambulatory Heart Rate Variability Correlates with High-Sensitivity C – Reactive Protein in Type 2 Diabetes and Control Subjects
D.M. Ciobanu, A.E. Crăciun, I.A. Vereşiu, C. Bala and G. Roman

Heart Rate dynamics study on the impact of “Mirror therapy” in patients with stroke
D. Andriţoi, C. Corciovă, C. Luca, D. Matei and R. Ciorap

Assessment of nerve fibers dysfunction through current perception threshold measurement in diabetic peripheral neuropathy
G.V. Inceu, G Roman and I.A. Veresiu

Robotic splenectomy using the DaVinci platform
B. Micu, C. Micu, T-R Pop and N. Constantea

Implantable ports in oncology
B. Micu, C. Micu, T-R Pop and N. Constantea

Classical Chemometrics Methods Applied for Clinical Data Analysis
R. Bleiziffer, M. Culea, C. Sarbu, P. Podea, S. Suvar, A. Iordache and C. Mesaros

What do job adverts tell Higher Education about the ‘shape’ of Biomedical Engineering graduates?
A.E. Ward, B. Baruah, A. Gbadebo and N.J. Jackson

Ozone and  intense electric fields applyance in treating of external wounds become overinfected
R.E Suarasan , I. Suarasan, S.R. Budu, M.I. Suarasan, A. Maniu and R. Morar

Comparative analysis of cardiovascular risk profile, cardiac and cervical arterial ultrasound in patients with chronic coronary and peripheral ischemia
M.A. Stoia, A.D. Farcaș, F.P. Anton , A.I. Roman and L.A.Vida –Simiti

Cardiovascular risk profile, cardiac and cervical artery ultrasound in patients with peripheral artery disease
A.D. Farcaș, M.A. Stoia, F.A. Anton , A.I. Roman and L.A Vida-Simiti

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