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Medical devices, measurements and instrumentation


A Single-character Refreshable Braille Display with FPGA Control
M. C. Ignat, P. Faragó, S. Hintea, M. N. Roman and S. Vlad

Assessing Microcirculation for Predictive Purposes with the Aim of Reducing the Amputation Rate in the Case of Patients with Critical Lower Limb Ischemia
O. Andercou, B. Stancu, A. Mironiuc and H. Silaghi

An EIT belt reference design with active electrodes and digital output

Age simulation suits for training, research and development
H. L. Groza, S. B Sebesi and D. S. Mandru

Low Cost Command and Control System for Automated Infusion Devices
B. Tebrean, S. Crisan, C. Muresan and T.E. Crisan

Monitoring system for the emotional states
M.Cenușă, M. Poienar, L. D. Milici and S.D. Pața

Low Cost Prototype for Viewing a Map of Vascularization
D. Iudean, R. Munteanu jr., E.M. Bindea, D.F. Muresanu and O. Selejan

Modular multi-channel real-time bio-signal acquisition system
C. Kast, M. Krenn, W. Aramphianlert, C. Hofer, O.C. Aszmann and W. Mayr

An ECG Front-End Device Based on ADS1298 Converter
C.M. Fort, A.M. Ciupe and S. Vlad

New approach for the electrochemical detection of dopamine
M. Tertiș, A. Florea, A. Adumitrachioaie, D. Bogdan, C. Cristea and R. Săndulescu

Aptamer-based electrochemical sensor for the detection of ampicillin
B. Feier, I. Băjan, C. Cristea and R. Săndulescu

Determination of the Electrical Parameters of Some ECG Electrodes
A.R. Iusan, N.M. Bîrlea, M. Paunescu and A. M. Ciupe

How to Describe the Skin’s Electrical Nonlinear Response
N.M. Bîrlea, S.I. Bîrlea and E. Culea

Case Study of Static and Dynamic Postural Balance of an Overweight Pregnant Woman
D. Cotoros, A. Stanciu and I. Serban

Multipoint Wireless Network for Complex Patient Monitoring based on Embedded Processors
T. Sumalan, E. Lupu, R. Arsinte and E. Onaca

Automated titration of oxygen fraction in inspiratory mixture in mechanical ventilation of life-size mannequin
M. Rožánek, P. Kudrna and V. Králová

A study of the effects of geometry on the efficiency of single slot microwave ablation antennas used in hepatic tumor hyperthermia
V. Neagu

The influence of an orifice plates as a flow sensors on the removal of carbon dioxide in high frequency oscillatory and jet ventilation
P. Kudrna and M. Rožánek

Evaluation of the Electric and Magnetic Field near High Voltage Power Lines
Ș.F. Braicu, L. Czumbil, D. Șteț and D.D. Micu

Analysis of Pulse Wave during Magneto-Therapy Session
C. Luca, D.Andriţoi, C. Corciovă and R. Ciorap

Three element Windkessel model to non-invasively assess response to treatment in PAH patients
A. Lungu, D.R. Hose, D. Capener, D.G. Kiely, J.M Wild and A.J Swift

Thermal rehabilitation influence upon the comfort in hospitals
A. Abrudan, T. Rus and R. Mare

Modelling the Passive Behavior of the Nervous Cell. Influence of Electric Parameters Variation
M. Crețu, L.Darabant and A. Răcășan

Simulation of Teeth Movement in the Case of Orthodontic Treatment Procedures
T. Coloşi, N. M. Roman, V. Mureşan and O. Nemeş

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